Show Enthusiasm When Speaking

WRITTEN August 21, 2019 Author: Jen Glantz

The topic was boring, there was no denying it. Between the detailed analytics, the complicated data, and the breakdown of key metrics, it was enough to put anyone in attendance to sleep. So, how am I supposed to show enthusiasm when I am presenting?

It was my job to present this information to an audience of 50 people. I realized I had two choices: I could accept that the topic was boring and match my attitude to that or I could find a way to bring the information to life, show enthusiasm, and use my personality.

I chose the latter. 

While we can’t always pick the information we present, we can decide the way in which we present it. 

No matter what your topic is, you can still connect with the audience in a powerful way. Here are a few tips to bring the enthusiasm:

Your Audience
Before you get in front of an audience, have a conversation with yourself. Decide why the audience needs to hear this information. Bring to the surface when they will need to use the knowledge you are sharing with them.
Focus on Your Body Language
It is obvious when speakers don’t like what they are talking about. Their arms may be crossed, their voices low, and their eyes tend to stare at a screen. Take note of your body language and your vocal movement. Stand tall, keep your shoulders back, and make eye contact with the audience. Use movement in your voice to show energy and personality behind the words you are speaking.
Put Yourself in a Good Mood
When you are bored, your audience will be too. Put yourself in a good mood before you start to speak. Listen to a playlist of your favorite songs. Watch stand-up comedy. Jump up and down to push away nerves and release endorphins.
Practice Your Tone
How do you practice? If it’s at home, sitting down, and rolling your eyes over the thought of having to speak in front of an audience, how do you think you’ll sound on the big day? Practice your positive body language, your strong voice, and your overall enthusiasm for the topic at hand. On the day of the presentation, muscle memory will help you perform with the energy your audience will appreciate.

Bring energy to any topic and those in the room will listen. You will engage an audience when you care about your topic and show enthusiasm about it, with your body and the way you use your voice.

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Photo Courtesy of Brisbane City Council on Flickr.

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