Speakers’ Bureau

The Speakers’ Bureau at Improving Communications delivers presentations to groups of all sizes on various topics having to do with communication skills. Use an Improving Communications talk to get your meeting/conference started or ended in a way that delights audiences and leaves them with valuable information.

Achieving Goals & Making That Difference

By prioritizing and making some sacrifices, real and valuable results will follow.

Adventure (Motorcycle) Riding Through Life

How we look at life positively affects how we respond to its challenges. Use the inspiration of how the Adventure Rider chooses “The Road Less Traveled” and earns unexpected rewards.


Stand up for who and what is right, without alienating or hurting others.

Building Your Brand

Brand is the feeling people have when they interact with your creations. Take control of people’s reactions to you and your materials.

Communication Essentials For Leaders

Leaders need a number of key ingredients in order to be effective and get the results that are necessary for progress. Find out the ingredient list, as well as the recipe for successful and powerful leadership.

Engage People With Your Message

Spoken and written words can fall flat, unless they’re crafted in the right way and delivered in an impressive format. Learn what it takes to get people engaged.

Finding Your Voice

Discover what feeds your soul. Follow your passion. Do what you love.

Key Principles of Internal and External Customer Service

Serving customers may be a challenge, but keeping a few important principles to guide actions ensures effective and positive rapport with all.

Managing Performance, Motivating With Praise

Criticism hasn’t worked. It’s time to empower and elevate others to get the best from them.


Understand how media power is used to generate fear and take away people’s abilities to think for themselves. See the harmful effects of media-generated fear on yourself and others in the workplace. Use solutions to avoid MEDIA TERRORISM and promote increased mental and physical health.

Positivity in Communication

In a world of fear, negativity, and doom-and-gloom, be the forward-thinking one who leads people by promise of reward, rather than fear of loss.

Principles of Networking

Learn how to connect, and why you need to build a strong professional network.

Productivity Styles and Maximizing Efficiency

Different individuals bring strengths to the work they do and the staff that they support. Tap into those Productivity Preferences and get the right people on the right tasks.

Stress Reduction

Stress (fear) is corrosive, and paralyzes people, or causes them to take counterproductive action. Stress can be managed and viewed accurately, to allow for progress and success. Learn to spot your own stress and its causes, as well as shift perspectives and engage in activities that reduce personal fear.

The (Monetary) Value of Clarity and Accuracy

Clear messages and proper business communication is efficient and costs only what it costs. Mistakes can be humorous and sometimes, tragic, and can cost an organization its life. Find out how to be clear and accurate to present the best possible image to the world.

The Power of Attitude

What you believe affects how you behave and what you say. Discover speech and behavior that reflect a “good attitude” and how to avoid the “bad attitude.”

UB4ME – Team Versus Self-Centeredness

“It’s all about ME!” Having a service mindset means putting others before yourself. Putting others first requires re-ordering your priorities and taking care of another’s needs ahead of your own. Discover the rewards in placing yourself after others. UB4ME: Put the “You” Before the “Me”.

Unity in Diversity

Discover value in diverse perspectives and personalities and their benefits. Strategize ways to strengthen relationships and turn negative into positive interactions.

Using Emotional Intelligence To Build Better Rapport

Today’s savvy leader or staff member needs a full understanding of emotions in order to manage them personally, and work appropriately with others. Gain an excellent set of tools for working with and through emotions to get to the best solution for all.

Improving Communications brought our organization to realize how important our employees—our people—are to Baystate Dental. By helping us to develop a more thoughtful and sensitive nature, we now relate better with each other and our patients.

Dr. Kevin Coughlin, DMD, FAGD, MBABaystate Dental