Stage Presence: ENGAGE Your Audience

WRITTEN April 1, 2015 Author: Rich Atkins

Stage Presence

Stage Presence is charisma and charm that pulls the audience into the performance and commands attention. It is a performance skill that enables you to engage your audience.

Being passionate and enthusiastic connects the performer with the audience and brings them into the story that is being told; all the while appropriately reflecting their emotion. Confidence will make or break this. When you’re self-assured, you are effective and can achieve rapport with the audience.

While it may not seem like such a big deal, stage presence is so important because it makes your performance enjoyable to watch. Whether you are a singer on a stage, an actor in a play, or a presenter in a meeting – it is the absolute worst feeling when you realize that people don’t feel the need to pay attention to you. Some people are so good at it, that even though they might make little technical flaws, they go unnoticed.

When you’re authentic and captivating, you express confidence non-verbally. You look like you’re comfortable and confident. If you appear nervous, it negatively affects the audience’s perception of you and your message.

How you think affects how you carry yourself.

Build stage presence by being:

  • Positive of yourself as a speaker (seen in your demeanor and posture),
  • Knowledgeable about your topic, and
  • Able to turn nervous energy into positive creativity.

Follow these guidelines to increase your stage presence and your ability to connect with your audience!


Hard Work + Skill + Experience + Stage Presence = Star Performance

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