Have a Succeessful Long Presentation

WRITTEN August 31, 2017 Author: Jen Glantz

Do you ever find yourself in need of a long nap or a double espresso after giving a presentation? Speaking can be exhausting. Not only are you stretching your vocal cords, but also you’re pulling on the strings of your memory.

Whether you’re giving an hour-long presentation, a day-long workshop, or speaking for back-to-back afternoons at a conference, it’s important to prepare yourself and your presentation for the long road ahead.

  1. Get Your Audience Talking

Break up your presentation so that every 20 minutes your audience has a chance to speak. Encourage them to ask questions or tell a personal anecdote related to the material being discussed. Having them speak allows you to take a breather. This break for you will also keep them involved and thinking about what is going on.

  1. Stay Lubricated

It is recommended that a person drinks 8-10 glasses of water a day for good health. Keep a glass of water or hot tea nearby when you present and keep those vocal cords lubricated. Be careful, drinking too often, or at the wrong moment, could showcase any stress you may be feeling. But do not deny yourself either. Take sips when you are not the focal point such as when showing a film clip or when someone else is speaking.

  1. Plan Your Quiet Time

Prepare what you are going to say and what you are NOT going to say. Build time in for yourself during a long presentation. Schedule sections for your audience to do active brainstorming with each other, fill out pages in a workbook, write down strategies, etc. That way, you will know the best times to rest in your presentation.

When preparing the content for your presentation, remember to control the pace so that you can remain fresh for your audience. Make sure you are at the ready to engage them when you need to shake it up and push away any exhaustion. And keep a cup of water or hot tea nearby so that you can take care of yourself throughout your presentation.

Help your body and your mind by being prepared and you will be all set to make it through for the long haul and give a great presentation.


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