How to Improve Your Telephone Voice

WRITTEN December 12, 2017 Author: Jen Glantz

Speaking on the phone can feel unusual. It can feel like you are talking to yourself, since no visible audience is present.

Whether you are speaking to one person, or a conference call of fifteen people, you want to make sure your voice is heard. Make sure your telephone voice is loud – but not screaming to the person in the other room to turn off the TV loud. Most of all, you want to sound confident.

Here are four easy tips to improve your telephone voice:


1. Stand Up

Get out of your chair when you speak. Standing up puts less pressure on your diaphragm and directly improves the quality of your voice. Standing makes it easier to lift up your head, letting your voice project louder and more clear.

2. Show Your Pearly Whites

Smile when you speak. Although no one can see you, cracking a smile changes your mood, and thus, the sound of your voice. It allows you to adopt a positive tone. It allows your body to loosen up. It helps you build rapport over the phone with people you may never have met in real life.

3. Use the Mute Button

Take deep breaths when you speak. Use the mute button while others are speaking so you exhale without anyone hearing you. You can also use that moment to cough or clear your throat. That way, when it’s your turn to speak, you will feel relaxed and your voice will sound strong. **One note – test your mute button prior to using it in this manner. Different phone systems make an audible click when engaging the mute, which can sound like you have someone eavesdropping.

4. Pick a Quiet Spot

Take the phone call in a spot that’s mostly silent. Check if there’s music playing, doors opening and closing, or people nearby. The quieter the spot, the less sound distractions you will have and you will be able to focus on your response. Moreover, you won’t have to suddenly speak louder to be heard above the noise.

Have a strong and confident voice on the phone and you will give a professional impression to those on the other line. Stand up, crack a smile, take a breath when you need it, and find a quiet spot.



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