Three Free Internet Tools for a More Engaging Presentation

WRITTEN January 31, 2019 Author: Jen Glantz

How you design your presentation can determine the success of the messages you want to share with your audience. This includes your visuals, from photos to graphs and charts.  

According to a study from Microsoft Corp, people lose concentration after only eight seconds. The information in this week’s email can help you create engaging presentations that enhance the overall experience for your audience.

Here are three free tools you help with the look and feel of your presentation


Create presentations that look professional. What if you don’t have a designer or a design background? That’s where the online platform Canva can come to the rescue. The site offers templates for creating presentations, infographics, and charts. Plus, you will have access to over one million stock images.


Add a short video in your presentation to captivate your audience’s attention. Powtoon is a video platform for creating short informational videos. You can drop in short video clips, photos, and add voiceover.


Make your presentation more visually appealing. Visme is an online tool that lets you create eye-catching visual content and infographics. You have access to over 100 fonts and millions of free images. Additionally, Visme provides you with tools to take data and transform it into an interactive visual for your presentation.


Traditional tools such as Keynote, Google Slides and PowerPoint can be used to create presentations. We challenge you to get creative by breaking the conventional method and designing slides that grab an audience’s attention for longer.

This information is discussed in our Presentation Skills curriculum. If you’re looking for ways to improve your communication skills, register for one of our public classes.

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