What Now After The Lockdown?

WRITTEN June 24, 2020 Author: Ramona da Gama

Written by Guest Blogger Ramona da Gama.

What now for the Business Community after The Great Lockdown!

The last 3 months has been devastating for most businesses, a situation no one could have planned for. The emotions being experienced by this community are confusion, fear, sadness, anger, anxiety, exhaustion, loneliness and failure. In many cases, our own political leaders have not been in control of the situation, creating even more confusion. Now we are easing out of it. After the lockdown we have to face the new challenges ahead. What are they?

How has this impacted on our employees? Our Customers? Our share Price/Balance sheets? Our Investors? Our Suppliers? Our Business?

AND, how do you ‘hit the ground running’ whilst ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, creative cost cutting, retaining customers, looking for new markets, investing wisely and delivering on our promises?


It’s all about creating a Vision for Growth – The Ability to be a TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADER who can plan a strategy for the future with imagination and wisdom, not be afraid to invest in re-branding and re-launching the business. 

Being Transformational means that your vision for the business must be aligned with the values and behaviours of the organization’s culture. That must be effectively communicated to all stakeholders, in order to get buy-in and have everyone working with passion towards a common goal.


How to be transformational? Sports has always been my benchmark. Business Leaders need to think like sports coaches. Whether you are coaching in The NFL ( The New York Giants), UK’s Premier League ( Manchester United), The Rider Cup Teams, or tennis greats like Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. Even our Olympic heroes like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, they (together with their coaches and their teams) have a long-term strategy.

Whether the goal is to be No. 1 in the world, win an Olympic medal, win the league, or just become the best in their field, it’s all about the strategy – long- and short-term goals and objectives, planning, training, practice coaching, good nutrition, health & safety, and mitigating & managing risk.

It is time to focus on being a collective, on being proactive and transformational to create and promote a successful and sustainable brand.


BE inspirational, innovative, inclusive and proactive – It starts with you!
BE the Transformational Business Leader.
DON’T be Autocratic, unilateral and reactive.

Transformational leaders make sure it’s all about ‘Team’ not individuals.

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Ramona da Gama
Ramona da Gama is strategic business leader, mentor and motivational speaker. She has experience across various environments working alongside FTS 100’s and SMEs including the launch of Easyjet, for the European budget airline, for the London Times Newspaper Group of Rupert Murdoch working on the successful Mail on Sunday UK, as well as for the merger of the UK banking Lloyds/TSB Group. 
Resilient, creative, innovative, and bold, Ramona has delivered significant and robust business transformations and growth surges through times of unprecedented industrial challenge and economic downturns. Her forward-focused and driven work style allows her to help business leaders to become transformational leaders. Ramona encourages cultural change and initiatives that get companies to invest in their human capital. All the while, helping them to build and maintain sustainable brands alongside their diversity and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Image courtesy of Simon Smiler on FLICKR.

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