A Good Time with the Mets at Citi Field

WRITTEN October 29, 2015 Author: Rich Atkins

It’s impressive when you find an organization that delivers a great product — and goes beyond to create memorable experiences, again and again.

Every aspect of The New York Mets organization works together as a well-oiled machine to make each guest feel special and welcome, every time.

Admittedly, I became a Mets fan later in life. Not having been raised in a “sports-oriented” household, I didn’t follow teams or root for them.

Things changed when my wife (a lifelong Mets fan) and I had children — a daughter and a son. As the two were growing up, we sought activities that would entertain, give value, and make us want to return. One night, we tried out a Mets game at Citi Field. That changed a lot of things positively for us.

We’ve had nights when we let our kids have full run of the Fan Fest area (where they can practice hitting and play games). Occasionally, we’ve had a fortuitous meeting with Mr. or Mrs. Met in the stands or corridors. Our visit to the park isn’t complete unless we enjoy a shake from Shake Shack, and then check out authentic player swag at the Game Used Store. Because of the respect we get as guests, every experience my family has had at this stadium has been positive.

That’s worth reiterating: All of our visits to Citi Field to see The Mets have been memorable and enjoyable.

Beyond the many opportunities available to engage with the franchise, there’s the game itself! As a family, we’ve been fans for a number of years now, making a point to attend as much as our busy schedules will allow.
Through this time, we’ve watched the team grow and work more cohesively as a unit. It’s because of hard work and repeated practice that they are where they are today.

image016This email serves to thank The New York Mets and their home, Citi Field. We salute all the players, the
Guest Experience team, Park Operations — everyone who helps to “run the show” as they are nationally recognized for being outstanding in their field. They’ve worked hard at achieving excellence, and deserve all the accolades they’re getting (and more).

In the Improving Customer Service class, we highlight the the example set by Citi Field and The Mets. We talk about Excellent Customer Service that exceeds expectation time and time again and how these goals make the park and the team special and memorable.

Be inspired by this description of ongoing terrific experience for your organization’s customer service so that your guests will want to return again and again.

-Rich Atkins, Ed.D.

Managing Director, Improving Communications

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