Work-Life Balance

WRITTEN July 21, 2022 Author: Patricia McCormack

What is work-life balance?

Of course that question can be read in a totally sarcastic voice, because really, who has time for that? However, it is a real question that people do ask themselves.

According to the Cambridge DictionaryWork-Life Balance is the amount of time you spend doing your job compared with the amount of time you spend with your family and doing things you enjoy.

Work-life balance is more than just a buzzword in our current society. After 2 years of working from home and blurring the lines, it is now an even more important factor to fostering a healthy work environment, and ultimately, a happier life. Burnout is a real thing. Finding that work-life balance will help reduce stress and prevent burnout in the workplace.

We feel such a push to “get it all done” at work as well  as at home. It is so easy to let those stress levels spike, and when that happens, productivity suffers. Stress can destroy our concentration, make us angry or depressed, and may eventually damage personal and professional relationships.

Some things to try at home:

  • Unplug. When you get home, be home.
  • Don’t over-commit. There are only so many hours in a day.
  • Communicate. Talk to people, reach out, you are not alone.
  • Stay Active. Movement helps the body and the mind.

Some things to try at work:

  • Set goals each day. Create a manageable, to-do list.
  • Take Five. We all need a break once in a while.
  • Communicate. Keep the lines open with co-workers.

It is not just up to the individual. What can an organization do to help their employees? Start by creating a work environment and culture that prioritizes this work-life balance. Employers may save money while they maintain a healthier staff.

HAPPY workforce = PRODUCTIVE workforce

This information is from the Stress Reduction class in our Staff Development curricula. If you’re looking for ways to improve your communication skills, register for one of our public classes.

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