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How to Start a Speech

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Planning a speech

We all have times when we need to speak in public. Whether you are talking in a team meeting (online or in the office) or presenting in front of a larger audience, make sure you are prepared. Follow the tips outlined here for planning your speech.


Say What You Mean: Opinion and Fact

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opinion and fact

Opinion and Fact Depend On Audience Express opinion and fact in the correct settings to make your point effectively. For example, when expressing an opinion among friends, instead of saying that something “is the best,” say, “I think it is the best.” Here is where phrases like “I feel,” “I think,” and “I believe” work very … Read On >


Overcome Being the Nervous Public Speaker

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nervous public speaker

Most people have some degree of nervousness when speaking in public. But being the nervous public speaker should not hold you back.


Reduce Public Speaking Fear By Connecting With the Audience

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reduce public speaking fear

GLOSSOPHOBIA: The fear of public speaking We are all looking for ways to reduce public speaking fear! Many people have a fear of public speaking. If you’re one of them, this is good news – you’re not alone! More good news is that there are ways to reduce anxiety while speaking in public. An important way … Read On >


Speech Preparation – Giving a Presentation

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Speech Preparation

Do You Spend More Time Prepping Than Painting? Preparing to communicate effectively means that it will take more time in speech preparation than it will in delivery. This is the answer to today’s subject line. In the painting world, prep time is greater than actual paint time. Remember – prep is extremely important if you … Read On >


Reduce Wordiness. Be Concise.

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Reduce Wordiness

An overload can slow things down.  This principle holds true with words. When communication is too wordy, readers “gray out.” It is time to reduce wordiness. From now on, imagine that each word you use will cost you 75¢!  If money was involved (really, it is), we all would work on being clear and concise, … Read On >