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Nick Beggs on Listening

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Nick Beggs on Listening

Nick Beggs is an English musician, noted for playing the bass guitar and the Chapman Stick. He is a member of Kajagoogoo and formerly Iona and Ellis, Beggs, & Howard. Nick has worked through the years with Steve Hackett and Steven Wilson. His current project is The Mute Gods. For Nick Beggs, Listening Means Understanding … Read On >


An Executive Summary About Executive Summaries

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Writing Executive Summary

Why Write an Executive Summary? Executives are busy. The Executive Summary will decide if your ideas get attention. It is your chance to tell the reader why they want to keep reading. Whether proposing to your boss or to a potential client, make sure they have the pertinent facts. Know you audience. Match your writing to … Read On >


Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence

What do selling superstars excellent customer service agents brilliant leaders have in common?   Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to perceive, assess and positively influence one’s own and other people’s emotions.  Emotions are habits, as old as the user. EI Includes: Self-awareness – knowing your own feelings. Managing emotions – despite fear or anger. Self-starting … Read On >


What Is a “Bad Attitude”?

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Bad Attitude

Attitude – noun Etymology: French, from Italian attitudine, literally, aptitude, from Late Latin aptitudin-, aptitudo fitness; a mental position with regard to a fact or state; a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state Have you ever eaten in a restaurant and realized along the way that your server had a bad attitude? It is not … Read On >


Digital First Impressions

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Digital First Impression

Last week we went over making a good First Impressions, there is another area that we should cover. Making good Digital First Impressions.   As a professional, you know that first impressions matter. In the past, that first impression was formed as you stepped into a room and greeted your new audience. Today, things are … Read On >


Making A Great First Impression

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First Impression

Every time you meet a new person, whether in person or on the phone, you are checked-out and immediately evaluated. Right then and there, that person forms an opinion. It all works the same whether it is in the work setting or in your social life, and you only get one chance. Do you know … Read On >


Rapport (Relationship) – The Essential Ingredients of Leadership Development

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Rapport Leadership Development

During leadership development, it is important to create a bond with the people being lead. It is a great way to avoid encountering hostility and resistance.


Gender-Fair Language

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Gender Fair Language

Sexism, Discrimination, & Bias – OH MY! Gender Fair or Nonsexist language is the standard today. It means selecting words that are gender neutral or gender inclusive. Avoid using “he” to stand for “he or she.” Nonsexist language includes the following: He/she, S/he, his/her, her/his, him/her, her/him A person or people Police officer (instead of Policeman, … Read On >


Guitarist Steve Morse on Listening

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Steve Morse

Listening Is a Lot of Detective Work Steve Morse is a guitarist best known as the founder of the Dixie Dregs; and since 1994, the guitar player of Deep Purple. He was briefly a member of Kansas in the mid 1980s. Morse’s career has encompassed rock, country, funk, jazz, classical, and fusion of these musical genres. The … Read On >