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Customer Service 101 (Part 2)

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Customer Service 101 (Part 2)

Customer Service 101. Serving people is not always easy. In fact, it’s a great challenge. Yet, in the final analysis, the customer is the most important person to a business. Why? Because that customer, spending money, helps to ensure that each job at the business is kept (and perhaps more will be created). After all, when … Read On >


Customer Service Questions: Ask the Right Ones

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Customer Service Questions

I called my wireless service provider and spent 45 minutes on hold waiting to speak to a supervisor. I wish that statement above was the setup to a joke with a feisty and funny punchline. But it’s not. It’s part of a phone call that took up much of my Tuesday afternoon. When I finally … Read On >


It’s an “Inside Job” — Internal Customer Service

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What is Internal Customer Service?  You are valuable and so are your coworkers.  You all deserve to be in a positive work environment, where people are treated with respect.


Angry Customers: Steps Customer Service Can Take With Aggressive Calls

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Angry Customers

How to deal with Angry Customers: 3 steps Customer Service representatives can Take To Deal With aggressive calls. Frustration happens to everyone.


Our Customer Service Policy (Oh No!)

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Should your business’s policies always be applied, in all cases, for all customers? Only company leadership can decide that. The most important thing when making business decisions is putting yourself in the customer’s position. Determine if these policieswill invite people to return, buy more, and become fans; or drive customers away to seek other providers. … Read On >


Carl Palmer on Listening

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Carl Palmer on Listening

The Quieter You Are, the More You Will Hear Carl Palmer is one of the most respected rock drummers to emerge from Great Britain in the 1960s. He is a veteran of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Asia. Listening is what the world is all about. We listen to people cry out for help, to … Read On >


Jordan Rudess on Listening

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Jordan Rudess Musician

At Improving Communications, we ask professional musicians to tell us about their “money maker;” their ability to listen and interact well with others. We ask these gifted artists to teach us more about listening so that in business, we can use similar practices to be more successful. Below is what Jordan Rudess had to say … Read On >


Rude Business Phone Antics

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Business Phone Use

What is proper Business Phone Behavior?   Have you ever made a phone call to a business and gotten the answer, “So-and-so isn’t here right now. Can you call back in 15 minutes?” Do you find anything wrong with that? In a tennis game, when a player hits the ball, the second player hits it … Read On >


Happy New Year from the People at Improving Communications

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Well lookie here… the Earth has revolved around the Sun once again! Three hundred sixty-five days have elapsed (or as the cast in the musical Rent would sing, “525,600 Minutes”). A year is a good marker for progress made. Once it’s completed, it all starts again.  Happy New Year.   Two thousand seventeen has been Improving Communications’ best year yet. We owe … Read On >