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Acknowledge – an Important Customer Service Principle

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Acknowledge.   Many times, problem-solving interactions in businesses are moved directly to “the fix.” For some people, that is fine. After all, the customer approached the company to get a solution. Examples include: Something that was missed or overlooked. (“I ordered three copies of the book, but only got one.”). A harm done to the customer. … Read On >


Good Customer Service = Good Information

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customer service information

Think about the last time you were in an airport, waiting in line to go through TSA security screening. In most cases, you knew everything you needed to know before getting to the area where it happens. Because of good information–signs and speech–it is made clear to all that shoes have to be off, gels … Read On >


What Do You Need – Leadership Characteristics

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leader characteristics

If you lead other people (and even if you don’t), there are a number of character traits worthy of attention and development to ensure the best possible relationships with everyone.


Delegation👉 Why do some Leaders try to do everything themselves?

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noun   del·e·ga·tion   \ de-li-ˈgā-shən \  : the act of giving control, authority, a job, a duty, etc., to another person Have you noticed how some Leaders and Managers try to do everything themselves? Have you wondered why? The answer is a four-letter word that begins with “F.” You guessed it correctly – it’s FEAR. Think of … Read On >


Kasim Sulton: One Word—Focus

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Kasim Sulton on Listening

Kasim Sulton on Listening: We communicate by spoken word and/or sound. The only way that I can participate in society on any level is by listening.


What really motivates employees?

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What Motivates Employees

What really motivates employees? When people are empowered and inspired, they take initiative and even feel a sense of ownership. Knowing what people really work for is a step toward achieving this goal.


Running Effective Meetings

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Running Effective Meetings

All our work efforts are to increase productivity and reduce wasted time. As a result, the meetings we hold had better be important ones. Use time well by running effective meetings.


A Good Time with the Mets at Citi Field

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Mets Experience

It’s impressive when you find an organization that delivers a great product — and goes beyond to create memorable experiences, again and again. Every aspect of The New York Mets organization works together as a well-oiled machine to make each guest feel special and welcome, every time. Admittedly, I became a Mets fan later in … Read On >


Mark Egan: “Listen and Be In The Moment”

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Mark Egan Header

Listening is being acutely aware of the information that we receive from not only our auditory sense, but from our internal awareness of being.