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4 Tips For Having A Good Conversation

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Being able to communicate with people, and engaging in conversation is important in all walks of life. No matter the situation, having a likable, friendly presence will work in your favor. But sometimes, entering an interview, a new social setting, or a business meeting can be overwhelming or uncomfortable. But despite that, you can still … Read On >


Speaking Skills Matter In Meetings

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Speaking Skills Matter in Meetings

Have a meeting coming up with another person or a handful of people? Here are four public speaking tips to bring to the table.


Recognizing The Value Of Vulnerability In Leadership Roles

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leadership roles improving Commiunications

When managers come to a leadership training, they often seek ways to show strength, improve team performance, and motivate challenging employees.  However, one of the traits overlooked by strong leaders is the value of vulnerability. Vulnerability is the uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure we are all forced to face at many points in our lives. … Read On >


Performance Evaluation – Improving Your Process

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Performance Evaluation Ratings

Evaluating staff is crucial for setting standards and improving the organization. When a performance evaluation is carried out properly, those involved see justice served when a superstar is recognized, and the underperformer corrected.


Tips for Conducting a Phone Interview

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Conducting a Phone Interview

Phone interviews can be a great method to get knowledge about a candidate before making a decision to get them in for an interview in person.


Pat Mastelotto on Listening

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Pat Mastelotto

As a rock musician, I don’t read music. I play by intuition. That is, I listen and react. That’s why I play better when I listen.


How to Give a Colleague Feedback on Presentation

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Give a colleague feedback

Feedback helps speakers understand what strengths they have and any areas of improvement needed. One of the best ways to grow your presentation skills is doing dry runs of your speech or workshop in front of an audience of colleagues. So when it’s your turn to observe, the act of giving feedback might feel awkward … Read On >


Why Strong Leaders Make Great Storytellers

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Strong Leaders

Strong leaders are understanding but assertive, patient while being persistent, and open-minded enough to accept new ideas while focused enough to accomplish finite goals. Strong leaders are compelling, humble, problem solvers with great listening skills. One trait that might be overlooked as a leadership quality is the skill to tell a story. Strong leaders are … Read On >


Good Intentions

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Three Steps to Welcome Change I looked at my list of things to change in 2018 and realized that less than half of the items on the list had been crossed off. This was supposed to be the year I made big changes. This was supposed to be the year to add more greens into … Read On >