Vocal Quality Matters

WRITTEN January 24, 2019 Author: Rich Atkins

Your Voice’s Quality & Power

How you use your voice can determine the success of your presentation. This includes your vocal quality and use of pauses or silence. The information in this week’s email applies to Public Speaking as much as it applies to your small-group interactions and phone calls.

The listener can learn a lot about you from your voice.

Even if your listener can not see your facial expressions or gestures, just hearing your voice can speak volumes. Use your voice wisely by paying attention to, and adjusting (if needed) the following characteristics:

The person on the other end of the telephone line cannot see your facial expressions or gestures, but s/he can pick up a lot about you from your voice. Use your voice wisely by paying attention to the following characteristics:

  • Pitch – tone of sounds, high (soprano) to low (bass)
  • Volume – fullness or power of the sound, loud to soft
  • Rate – speed at which words are spoken
  • Quality – characteristic tone of a speaking voice
  • Animation – liveliness of the presentation (also known as enthusiasm)
  • Pause – temporary stop or hesitation
  • Articulation – ability to pronounce words correctly and clearly

Put it to the test: Leave a voice-mail message for yourself as though you are your own customer. Plan what you want to say before you dial.

Deliver something like this:

“Hi [CUSTOMER]. This is [YOUR NAME] from [YOUR COMPANY] calling to let you know that …”

Wait a little while and then listen to the recording. Evaluate the overall vocal quality and power of your message based on the list of characteristics above. Make note of what works in your favor, as well as what you want to change. If you need help with the change, ask us.


This information is discussed in our Public Speaking curriculum. If you’re looking for ways to improve your communication skills, register for one of our public classes.


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